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Working Week

In the Sixties, it was said that by the end of the century, there would not be enough work for half of the working population, yet no one has really thought this through. 


I feel that we should be looking at flexible times and possibly a four-day working week.  That would take 20% of the traffic off the road in the rush hour straight away.  Office space should be incorporated into all new housing plans as the internet has eliminated the need to travel so far to work.  With a new cheaper homes scheme, lower incomes would be sufficient.  Job sharing should be encouraged to lower unemployment numbers and ample leisure activities should be available for all age groups.  The 16-19 age group with no job could join a kind of national service.  We could reduce the number of working days in the week on an age related basis i.e. maybe at 50 you work a 4 day week and at 60 a three day working week, not have to work until you are 70. 






















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