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Village Life

In villages we have pubs and post offices closing and people owning second homes creating a problem with local people not being able to buy a home, therefore they move away, we are losing the village community way of life. One solution would be to ask those who would like a country retreat to inform the parish council. When, say 8 or 10 families have their name on the list, invite them to put up a sum of 50,000. Where possible one could enlarge a local pub, or maybe village hall, and build an en-suite bedroom for each family. They could then stay, eat and drink at the pub, walk and enjoy the local countryside without depriving the local people of a home. This could be similar to a timeshare arrangement


Every village could be asked to find a site for 15-20 homes under the Community Land Trust plan. More old farm buildings could be used for light industry, rather than converting into unaffordable homes, thus helping preserve village life and securing food security. If we were to spend 100 a month more on food and 100 less a month on housing, we would all benefit.





















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