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New Vision

A new way of housing ourselves is required. Why should we compete with each other where the higher rate becomes the going rate? Everyone should live in an affordable home within their income.       


On all new sites there should be a building where young people can meet, and the building would accommodate two couples who would be paid to run activities and be there for any support that is required.


We should revitalise village life. Our supply of food is essential for the growing population. We need to establish affordable care homes in towns and villages.


While the credit crunch may appear to be bad news for some, it is the best news we have had for years. No doubt big business is the cause of the financial crisis on a global scale. It would appear there are some people who have too much capital. They can destroy others by their actions. It is not the fact they have too much money, but what they choose to do with it that causes problems. State capitalism is also a failed system. It may be said we have a market system, but it is the market which is not working, there needs to be a third way.




















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