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Party Politics

Should we continue with the party political system?


We have a Labour party who produce policies and then backtrack because they have not worked. They bleed us dry by taxing us, then waste our money and borrow more creating bigger debt. They have got us in a great big hole. Crime appears to be getting worse, when they tell us its not. They have created a welfare state which has made our children unhappier. Mothers are encouraged to go back to work, which in turn is breaking the bonds between parents and children.


The Conservatives at this moment may not admit it, but they have always thought that property is the only thing that matters, believing that higher value brings prosperity, but the bubble has popped under Labour. It is property ownership that has created some of our problems, the Conservatives have allowed big businesses to get bigger and destroy small enterprises. They gave our fishing waters to Europe, closed our coalmines and ship building, and relied on cheaper imports from abroad when they were last in power  


The Liberal Democrats, while they haven’t been tried in National Government, have some good policies, but they believe in the European Union which can only be bad news, we pay 50millon pounds a day into the EU, if the UK withdrew from it and created a commonwealth of Europe the so-called better off nations could help make the new Eastern countries better so their citizens would not want to leave. At the same time Europe should not isolate itself from Russia.


The Green Party, while having some good ideas, appear to be mainly vegetarian, on one hand they do not want us to use fertilizers or chemical sprays. While they are saying we should eat less meat, to use the land more efficiently to feed the world population, one needs to realise, the more cattle you have, the more grass grows. It is like mowing your lawn, the more you cut it, the more it will grow. If we are not to use more chemicals and artificial fertilizers, cattle manure is the best way to improve the soil. One cannot grow vegetables or corn on all the land, grazing is almost the only thing some land can be used for.


It is better to rear a calf to adult to become beef, rather than shoot it at a week old. If we did not have calves, there would be no milk, cheese, yoghurt, rice pudding, chocolate etc.


UKIP want us to withdraw from the European Union, while this is a good idea it will not solve all our problems. They are working on policies and are now becoming a force to be reckoned with.


Communism has been proven to not work; it has too much power in the hands of a few often creating corruption in the ranks. The people need a reason to go to work; working for the state doesn’t give people their own initiative and is too dictatorial. 


Peoples Assemblies to elect a local constituency representative who will hold local debates and address issues, they will then be required to vote as instructed by constituencies. Until then, there should be elections every year, representing 25% of the constituencies. That would allow smaller or new groups to gradually grow if they were popular enough. At present when all seats come up at the same time, one could find a new parliament complete with a complete new group and the people elected would not have the knowledge of how parliament works. This is the reason the major parties are re-elected.







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