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Development Land

Any new land coming on stream for development, also any land which is undeveloped or has planning permission should have a new layout and design of development.

I enclose a new guideline.


This would include a number of homes, 3 or 4 tiers high, built in a square, one side for a restaurant/café area for residents to use. A community hall and sports centre, including a bar. On a large development, a junior school would be included, which could also be used for adult education for on-site residents. A library and other communal facilities would be included. Two thirds of development land would be open space for recreational leisure and sport activities.


We have at the moment problems with knife crime, vandalism and young people with no vision for their future. Many of these problems derive from the layout and designs of estates, where there is no open space and communities do not communicate with each other.


There ought to be a means of a principal application on all new developments. Once the council approve this, chargeable fees would come into play. We should not rely on developers telling the people what they want, purely because they want to make money. Developers should be employed to build what is needed.

















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