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Care Homes and Pension Funds

Care and Nursing homes could come under the above Community Land Trust plan. This would mean we would not make money from the property but from the product. New homes need to be built with elderly people in mind. We are told that we need care in the community, or stay in our homes as long as possible. What we need is large houses with rooms for older, retired parents to be looked after. This means a design, where one can be separate but under one roof. The same houses would be good for young people for friends and nannies. This would also create an opportunity to take in lodgers to help ones income, as well as provide accommodation for those single people who often live alone not by choice. This would release more houses for families and those single people would have the advantage of lower over head expenses. The problem with this is that at the moment developers make these homes for millionaires, they could be for people on average, or below income under my scheme. All new developments should include a portion of care/nursing homes, where paid couples could be on site full-time to care for these people. Isolation is a big issue which in turn causes further illness. Young people coming out of care need supported accommodation.


With a new system for housing, with the mortgage paid, people could invest in a family care fund, which could not be used until ones 60th birthday. This fund could be free of inheritance tax if passed on to another family care fund.


Some care homes should incorporate accommodation for a couple whereby if one of them needs care, often the other person lives at home. We should be able to accommodate both within a complex. In some cases a residential home could be sold, the capital could be used to purchase care accommodation. (Similar to warden care).


Facilities for pets should be incorporated into some care homes. Open space and gardens could be included in new developments, this would be therapeutic benefit for fitter people, and help grow food for the group. 

Adequate rural care homes should be addressed.










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